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Bulleid Related - Further Reading.

This is a brief summary of some other sources of information about Bulleid locomotives that may be of help/interest.
Note: where a column heading is underlined, the details may be re-ordered (up / down) by clicking on the heading.

Recommended Books.

Subject TitleISBN NumberDescriptionAuthorPublisherIssue Year
10201-3 on the Southern0-9554110-8-4A well detailed history of the background, construction of operation of these pioneer diesels.Kevin RobertsonKevin Robertson2007
Atlantic Coast Express0-7110-1822-7A 'From the footplate' illustrated journey down the route of the A.C.E.Stephen AustinIan Allan1989, 1992
Bulleid and the Turf Burner0-954203-58-5Described as Bulleid's final "might have been"; a detailed account of the development of his design for a smaller version of Leader in Ireland.Ernie SheperdKestrel Railway Books2003
Bulleid Locomotives.0-7110-1539-2A good review of Bulleid's locomotive designs, with many b&w photos and line drawingsBrian HaresnapeIan Allan1985 (revised edition)
Bulleid of the Southern0-7110-0689-XBiography of O.V.S. Bulleid by his son - very personal and insightful biography, but also including some very interesting new perspectives on technical mattersH.A.V. BulleidIan Allan Ltd, London1977
Bulleid Pacifics at Work-Mainly pictorial, with some excellent photographsCol. H.C.B. Rogers1) Guild Publishing, London;
2) Book Club Associates
1) 1980

2) 1985
Bulleid Power - The 'Merchant Navy' Class0-86299-751-8The development of Bulleid locomotive, and a history of each locomotive in the class.A.J. FryAlan Sutton Publishing Ltd.1990, 1996
Bulleid's Pacifics0-404 625005-0Design, history and performance of the Pacifics, including many performance tablesD.W. WinkworthGeorge Allen & Unwin Ltd., London1974
The Bulleid Pacifics of the Southern-Development history and accounts of the Original seriesCecil J. Allen, Stephen C. TownroeIan Allan1951, reprinted 1976
The Leader Project. Fiasco or Triumph0-86092-606-6A well researched, interesting and complete story about the ill-fated 'Leader' classKevin RobertsonIan Allan Publishing2007
The Story of the Q1s0-954485912A brief history and experiences of the Q1s, plus a record and photo of each Class memberJohn Scott MorganKestrel Railway Books2003
West Country and Battle of Britain Pacifics1-903266-23-8A brilliant detailed survey of the light pacifics, including a history of all class members, and many good b&w photos.Richard DerryIrwell Press Ltd.2002