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Bulleid Models Construction in Magazine Articles.

This is a brief summary of some other sources of information about Bulleid locomotives that may be of help/interest.
Note: where a column heading is underlined, the details may be re-ordered (up / down) by clicking on the heading.
Magazines and Published Articles.

Subject TitlePartDescriptionAuthorPublicationIssue Date
Bulleid Light Pacifics1Maily b&w photos of West Country and B of B ClassDerek CrossLocomotives Illustrated, Ian Allan1980, Issue 28
Bulleid Q1 Class1A 12 page article with many interesting b&w period photos.Ronald WilkinsonBritish Railways Illustrated, Irwell PressJanuary 2008 Vol 17, No 4
Bulleid Q1 Class1Mainly b&w photographs of Maunsell's Q, and Bulleid's Q1 class.Michael HarrisLocomotives Illustrated, Ian AllanMarch-April 1987, Issue 52
Main Line Diesels - History1A look back at 'Bulleid's diesel dinosours'Evan Green-HughesHornby MagazineNovember 2017, Issue 125, p 70-73
Main Line Diesels - Model1First review of Kernow Model's Bulleid diesel range 10201-3 in 'OO' gauge.Mike WildHornby MagazineNovember 2017, Issue 125, p 66-69
Merchant Navy Pacifics1Mainly b&w photos of Merchant Navy ClassJohn BoothLocomotives Illustrated, Ian Allan1995, Issue 99
Rebuilt SR Bulleid Light Pacifics1Mainly photos of Bulleid's Light Pacifics as rebuiltMike RomansLocomotives Illustrated, Ian AllanJanuary - February 1990, Issue 69