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Merchant Navy class 'Ariel' - Errors Listing.

List of errors for published Ariel drawings and articles.

As often happens with a published design, some errors can creep into the drawings - though in the case of Ariel, there are quite a few.  I was approached by a reader intending to start on a build of Ariel in 5" gauge, asking whether I had a list of errors.

Because others may appreciate the same information, on the left is a list of Ariel drawing errors which was originally photo copied, that was received from a couple of contributors.  This dates back to 1995 showing errors by drawing sheet, and appears to have been put together by Keith Wilson.

You may view it full size here (click on the image), or drop me a note through the feedback page, and I'll email a pdf copy to you.

I would be pleased to hear back from fellow builders who can contribute further corrections - i.e. where things don't fit, rather than mere cosmetic changes.  If there are sufficient differences I will update and enhance the list/page.

I have a feeling not many errors have actually been corrected on the published drawings (- I'm told its often about copyright issues).

Separately, contributor Martyn has also made a compilation of Ariel information, and put together a slightly different take on the Ariel issues, matching some of the errors back to comments made on pages on this site. 

If you are looking to build Ariel, it may be worth taking a good look at Martyn's document on the right.