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Bulleid Locomotive References and Related Material.

This is a brief summary of some other sources of information about Bulleid locomotives that may be of help/interest.
Note: where a column heading is underlined, the details may be re-ordered (up / down) by clicking on the heading.

Recommended Books.

Subject TitleISBN NumberDescriptionAuthorPublisherIssue Year
10201-3 on the Southern0-9554110-8-4A well detailed history of the background, construction of operation of these pioneer diesels.Kevin RobertsonKevin Robertson2007
Atlantic Coast Express0-7110-1822-7A 'From the footplate' illustrated journey down the route of the A.C.E.Stephen AustinIan Allan1989, 1992
Bulleid and the Turf Burner0-954203-58-5Described as Bulleid's final "might have been"; a detailed account of the development of his design for a smaller version of Leader in Ireland.Ernie SheperdKestrel Railway Books2003
Bulleid Locomotives.0-7110-1539-2A good review of Bulleid's locomotive designs, with many b&w photos and line drawingsBrian HaresnapeIan Allan1985 (revised edition)
Bulleid of the Southern0-7110-0689-XBiography of O.V.S. Bulleid by his son - very personal and insightful biography, but also including some very interesting new perspectives on technical mattersH.A.V. BulleidIan Allan Ltd, London1977
Bulleid Pacifics at Work-Mainly pictorial, with some excellent photographsCol. H.C.B. Rogers1) Guild Publishing, London;
2) Book Club Associates
1) 1980

2) 1985
Bulleid Power - The 'Merchant Navy' Class0-86299-751-8The development of Bulleid locomotive, and a history of each locomotive in the class.A.J. FryAlan Sutton Publishing Ltd.1990, 1996
Bulleid's Pacifics0-404 625005-0Design, history and performance of the Pacifics, including many performance tablesD.W. WinkworthGeorge Allen & Unwin Ltd., London1974
The Bulleid Pacifics of the Southern-Development history and accounts of the Original seriesCecil J. Allen, Stephen C. TownroeIan Allan1951, reprinted 1976
The Leader Project. Fiasco or Triumph0-86092-606-6A well researched, interesting and complete story about the ill-fated 'Leader' classKevin RobertsonIan Allan Publishing2007
The Story of the Q1s0-954485912A brief history and experiences of the Q1s, plus a record and photo of each Class memberJohn Scott MorganKestrel Railway Books2003
West Country and Battle of Britain Pacifics1-903266-23-8A brilliant detailed survey of the light pacifics, including a history of all class members, and many good b&w photos.Richard DerryIrwell Press Ltd.2002

Magazines and Published Articles.

Subject TitlePartDescriptionAuthorPublicationIssue Date
Bulleid Light Pacifics1Maily b&w photos of West Country and B of B ClassDerek CrossLocomotives Illustrated, Ian Allan1980, Issue 28
Bulleid Q1 Class1A 12 page article with many interesting b&w period photos.Ronald WilkinsonBritish Railways Illustrated, Irwell PressJanuary 2008 Vol 17, No 4
Bulleid Q1 Class1Mainly b&w photographs of Maunsell's Q, and Bulleid's Q1 class.Michael HarrisLocomotives Illustrated, Ian AllanMarch-April 1987, Issue 52
Merchant Navy Pacifics1Mainly b&w photos of Merchant Navy ClassJohn BoothLocomotives Illustrated, Ian Allan1995, Issue 99
Rebuilt SR Bulleid Light Pacifics1Mainly photos of Bulleid's Light Pacifics as rebuiltMike RomansLocomotives Illustrated, Ian AllanJanuary - February 1990, Issue 69


SubjectRef.ScaleDescriptionDrawnQtyPublishedIssue Year
Ariel - Rebuilt Merchant Navy class G.A.LO9685" gaugeAs described in Model Engineer magazine, vols 154-159Keith Wilson24M.A.P.1986
Ariel - Rebuilt Merchant Navy class G.A.-5" gaugeG.A drawing commissioned by M.J. EngineeringM.J.E.1M.J.Engineering2000
Lyme Regis - Original Merchant Navy class-2.5" gauge3 cylinder West Country 17/32" - 1ft scale. Model 3ft long. Stephenson gear not chain drivenChris Barron?Loco Design Co?
Pamela - Freelance version of a rebuilt M.N.-3.5" gaugeA freelance version of a Southern Pacific described in Model EngineerLBSC?M.A.P. ?1950

Magazine Construction Articles.

Subject TitlePartDescriptionAuthorMagazineIssue Date
General Steam Navigation, a M.N. in 5" gauge01Discussion of building Ariel; frame stays, bogiePeter LewisModel EngineerVol 187, No. 4153, P.166, 24/08/2001
General Steam Navigation, a M.N. in 5" gauge02Discussion of building Ariel; motion, wheels, cylinderPeter LewisModel EngineerVol 187, No. 4155, P.273, 21/09/2001
General Steam Navigation, a M.N. in 5" gauge03Discussion of building Ariel; smokeboxPeter LewisModel EngineerVol 187, No. 4157, P.378
General Steam Navigation, a M.N. in 5" gauge04Discussion of building Ariel; brakes, ashpanPeter LewisModel EngineerVol 187, No. 4160, P.550
General Steam Navigation, a M.N. in 5" gauge05Discussion of building Ariel; tender chassisPeter LewisModel EngineerVol 187, No. 4162, P.652, 8/02/2002
General Steam Navigation, a M.N. in 5" gauge06Discussion of building Ariel; tender bodyPeter LewisModel EngineerVol 188, No. 4164, P.90, 8/03/2002
General Steam Navigation, a M.N. in 5" gauge07Discussion of building Ariel; lifting framePeter LewisModel EngineerVol 188, No. 4166, P.203, 5/04/2002
Merchant Navy for Gauge 101Southern Railway Original MN loco - IntroductionRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 190, No. 4193, P.433
Merchant Navy for Gauge 102Construction. Main framesRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 190, No. 4195, P.553
Merchant Navy for Gauge 103Error correction, frame stretchers, axleboxes, wheels and rods. CorrectionsRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 190, No. 4197, P.673
Merchant Navy for Gauge 104Bogie details, side control and side playRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 191, No. 4199, P.29
Merchant Navy for Gauge 105Trailing truckRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 191, No. 4201, P.145
Merchant Navy for Gauge 106Cylinder arrangementRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 191, No. 4203, P.266
Merchant Navy for Gauge 107Cylinder manufactureRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 191, No. 4205, P.385
Merchant Navy for Gauge 108Motion brackets, slide bars, connecting rodsRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 191, No. 4207, P.505
Merchant Navy for Gauge 109Valve gear, water feed pump, alternative cylinder designRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 191, No. 4209, P.625
Merchant Navy for Gauge 110Evolution of the current boiler design and burner arrangementsRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 191, No. 4211, P.744
Merchant Navy for Gauge 111Boiler constructionRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 192, No. 4213, P.87
Merchant Navy for Gauge 112Gas firing and suitable burnerRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 192, No. 4215, P.206
Merchant Navy for Gauge 113Smokebox, cab, and bypass valve location, loco tender connectionsRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 192, No. 4217, P.324
Merchant Navy for Gauge 114Fabricating the bodyworkRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 192, No. 4219, P.441
Merchant Navy for Gauge 115Tender chassisRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 192, No. 4221, P.575
Merchant Navy for Gauge 116Details the tender body and describes his modified Schraeder valves for tank filling and reliefRoger ThornberModel EngineerVol 192, No. 4223, P.681
Merchant Navy for Gauge 117Tidies up a few 'loose ends'Roger ThornberModel EngineerVol 193, No. 4225, P.38
Merchant Navy locomotive in 3½ gauge01An original air-smoothed model with three cylinders and chain driven valve gear. No drawings.R. Coleby, W.Devitt, Neil SimkinsModel EngineerVol 134 No. 3354, P.945, 4/10/1968
Merchant Navy locomotive in 3½ gauge02An original air-smoothed model with three cylinders and chain driven valve gear. No drawings.R. Coleby, W.Devitt, Neil SimkinsModel EngineerVol 134, P.1027, 18/10/1968
Merchant Navy locomotive in 3½ gauge03An original air-smoothed model with three cylinders and chain driven valve gear. No drawings.R. Coleby, W.Devitt, Neil SimkinsModel EngineerVol 134, P.1068, 1/11/1968

'Ariel' Construction Articles Index (in Model Engineer).
5" Gauge 'Merchant Navy' design by Keith Wilson.  This index compiled by Roger Lainson.

Build TopicMagazine DatePage No.
Bissel truck21/02/86205
Blast nozzle16/05/86566
Bogie & bogie wheels16/11/84576
Boiler cladding17/04/87461
Boiler clarifications18/07/86102
Boiler w/o combustion chamber17/07/8794
Brake valve20/02/87208
Buffer beam17/05/85586
Connecting rods19/07/8593
Coupling rods19/07/8593
Crank axle18/01/8598
Crank pins20/09/85342
Cylinder safety valves15/05/87591
Driving wheels18/01/8598
Eccentric (inside walschaerts)20/09/85342
Ejector (tender)20/11/87621
Exhaust piping20/06/86682
Expansion link (walschaerts)20/09/85342
Feed clack valves17/04/87461
Firehole door20/06/86682
Frame stays17/05/85586
Front buffers21/12/84672
Guide bars18/10/85458
Inside crosshead19/07/8593
Inside cylinder20/12/85700
Inside motion bracket15/02/85205
Lubricator tank21/06/85700
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